2021 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Mike Felix

Creative Director
DDB New Zealand
, New Zealand

Mike is one of the world’s top ‘3rd-person-bio’ writers. Effortlessly balancing outlandish self-aggrandising with disarming self-deprecation, his ‘3rd-person-bios’ have led to jobs in some of the world’s top agencies, including Droga5 New York.

When he was a young ‘3rd-person-bio’ writer his bios focused on early achievements - like winning New Zealand’s Emerging Talent Award, making Young Guns Top 20, twice and representing both Canada and Australia at Young Lions in Cannes, winning the Gold Lion for Australia.

Now he is a Creative Director helping other ‘3rd-person-bio’ writers improve their own bios and in 2016 he returned to the agency where he penned his first '3rd-person-bio', DDB New Zealand.

View list of awards: https://mikefelix.carbonmade.com/about


“I’m supposed to be a mentor, but looking through the list of mentors there are so many I’d feel lucky to get a chance to talk with. The question that interests me is not ‘What makes a good idea?,’ but ‘What makes a good creative?.’  The way you approach the work is as important as the work itself. Often deeper insights into creating a productive creative environment only comes from time and direct experience, but mentoring is one of the few ways to jump the line.”