2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Amélie Ebongué

Global Brand Leader / Bestselling Author /
Web3 Educator

Amélie Ebongué is one of the faces of the NextGen marketing landscape that counts with a cross-functional approach for brands. As a social media expert in emerging technologies whose career spans over 10 years in several industries with a focus on audience development and technology solutions. Her knowledge and experience in content marketing is incredible. She excels in her field and has worked with the world’s largest entertainment and technology companies. As a recognized marketer and brand strategist, Amélie Ebongué is adept at creating campaigns that make an impact and rise above the noise. 
Between her lectures in various schools around the world and her work as a cultural researcher, she explains how the genZ consumes the Internet massively in different ways, including gaming, web3 and tech space globally. In 2021, she published her first book TikTok Generation: A Great Opportunity for Brands at DUNOD (Hachette) focusing on content marketing, the impact of the music industry and the creative economy. 
As a speaker, she works on technology-related topics in the entertainment industry where she works in marketing. With her expertise in social media, she innovates with a global approach to design and create the best interactive and community campaigns that live the constant change of platforms that migrate from web2 to web3. She's actively involved in the Blockchain Association of Cameroon as a Chairwoman & General Community Architect, where she promotes good governance and best practice in a transparent and accountable way, to seek Cameroonian and international partnerships for successful long-term collaboration. Moreover, she's taking charge of the first national plan with the founder to create and develop the blockchain strategy for Cameroon alongside partners and decision makers. This year, she was jury member of the D&AD in the Entertainment category, and recently named as one the 50 Black Marketers to Watch in 2023 by American African Marketing Association.