2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Melanie Bridge

The Sweetshop
, New Zealand

In the early days of The Sweetshop, Melanie's remarkable eye for filmic detail and visionary mindset quickly propelled her to great success in the world of directing. Her unique perspective as a film director now plays a crucial role in her position as Co-CEO, where she shares the leadership responsibilities with her partner Sharlene. The fact that The Sweetshop stands out as one of the few fully female and director-led film production companies in the world fills Mel with immense pride.

Mel’s background as a film director gives her a distinct advantage in her role as CEO. She ensures that every decision made within the company is infused with the perspective of a director, allowing for an artistically-driven approach that sets The Sweetshop apart. Her understanding of the creative process and the intricacies of filmmaking guide her decision-making, ensuring that the company maintains its unique identity and continues to push creative boundaries.

One of Mel’s greatest strengths lies in her commitment to fostering a culture of excellence and empowering individuals within The Sweetshop. She recognizes the importance of nurturing and supporting the team, allowing each individual to flourish and reach their full potential. Mel's leadership extends beyond mere management; she serves as a mentor, guide, and source of inspiration for the entire team. Her ability to see the best in people and help them shine has been instrumental in the company's success.