2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Andrea Siqueira

Executive Creative Director
Energy BBDO
, United States of America

Andrea Siqueira is a passionate Creative Latina Leader deeply involved in inspiring the power of creativity to move businesses forward, and, also, mentoring young female creatives, sharing the knowledge and insights she has gained over the years.
In her role as an Executive Creative Director at Energy BBDO Chicago, she’s the driving force behind the creative transformation of all Bayer's brands, including recent projects like Bayer Claritin DiversiTree who garnered positive media from major outlets.
Before her time in the US, Andrea Siqueira honored to be named The Best Brazilian Creative of The Year in 2019, by Caboré Meio Mensagem Award, and scored tenth most awarded Executive Creative Director at the One Show Creative Ranking in 2021.
To this date, Ms. Siqueira’s work has been recognized by just about every prestigious advertising award festival worldwide, having received more than 78 international awards, and she has served as Jury Member in almost all of them. 
Andrea is passionate about transforming thought-provoking ideas into memorable crafted work. And as a member of #GoodLatinasForGood, Andrea is a huge champion for giving a voice to diversity and empowering the next generation. 

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