2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Regan Warner

Executive Creative Director
, United Kingdom

Regan is the Executive Creative Director of McCann London. Evolving how and where we tell our stories is what keeps her passionate and ridiculously enthusiastic about her craft. 
She has produced a list of award winning work promoting inclusive beauty campaigns, including ‘As Early As Five’ for Dove - a campaign to end raced-based hair discrimination in the US and 'The Non-Issue' for L’Oréal Paris – an 80-page print campaign in the form of an actual Vogue, combating the fact that age discrimination is still an issue.
Alongside leading creatives, Regan strives for inclusion and equality in every aspect of working life. She’s a Momma Mentor for SheSays, lollipop mentoring, NABS Fast Forward 2024 Program and was a speaker for the Creative Equals online speeding mentoring session for AdWeek. She led returner creatives for the Creative Comeback London programme. In 2020, she made the official 40overForty list. She’s also a mum of 2 and in her spare time, a yoga social influencer on IG (@reganwarner). 
3 facts: She’s an identical twin. She has the same birthday as President Reagan, though her name was inspired from the movie, The Exorcist. Also, she’s #7 on a BoredPanda article, 50 Times Asshole Cats Hilariously Photobombed Purrfect Shots, which has over 3M views.