2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Lewis Tutssel

TnT Creative
, United Kingdom

As a multidisciplinary leader, with over a decade of experience leading creative teams at Meta, Lewis has deep experience in developing innovative and impactful creative solutions for clients, companies and culture. 

At the client Level, Lewis has developed award winning work with a dynamic and diverse set of clients. From Super Bowl spots with big global brands, to commerce savvy marketers looking to shift their bottom line. At the company level, he has been responsible for the proactive development of multiple creative teams focused on emerging spaces and commerce, such as Gaming and Small Business. At the cultural level, he has developed scalable creative products and solutions that have empowered millions of people to harness creativity and grow their business.

Lewis is passionate about the relationship between Gaming and creativity. He believes that Gaming is a deep-routed human behaviour, not an industry, that any brand can tap into to build world-class ideas.
Lewis has judged, won awards, spoken and had his thinking published with institutions such as LIA, Cannes Lions, D&AD, The Andys, Club de Creativos, SXSW, Forbes, Fast Company, Venture Beat and more.