2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Ohm Dissara Udomdej

CEO/Creative Founder
Yell Advertising
, Thailand

The Thai creative guy with a smile and almost 20 years of experience. Ohm Dissara made numerous contributions to the advertising industry. He served as a judge, speaker, and mentor both locally and internationally. He founded the First Thai Agency's network in ASEAN under the name Yell International, which is based in Singapore and works on a regional scale in Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta as well.


I came to Singapore to meet my mentee, Carmen Ang from R/GA. We had many interesting conversations about the agency business, because she wanted to know more about experiences outside of creative tasks.

I finished talking to my second mentee from Dubai. Ananya Talwar, is very energetic and has a great fighting spirit. She came from a different industry before joining the advertising field, but it is special, because she brought a unique perspective to her campaigns!

Thank you to the Creative LIAisons program for allowing me to share my experience with people around the world!