2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Jon Ip

ECD / Managing Director
, China

Jon is Executive Creative Director and Managing Director at AKQA Shanghai and has over two decades of experience as an innovative problem solver in the industry. 

With a diverse cultural background and a strong academic foundation in Computer Art & Animation, Jon's journey through New York's professional scene paved the way for his fruitful 13-year tenure in Mainland China.

Famed for his ability to prioritize insight-driven work, Jon prefers digging deeper into the 'why,' beyond the surface details of 'where' and 'how.' His expertise in branding, digital, and retail experiences demonstrates his commitment to leveraging innovative tools and strategies to foster profound connections with individuals.

Jon holds the view that today's world presents unique opportunities for authentic, deep relationships with individuals. This belief drives his consistent efforts to discover, build and foster impactful connections between brands and people.