2014 'Creative Conversations'

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Juan Pablo Maldonado Contreras

Young & Rubicam Colombia

My experience at the LIA ‘Creative Conversations’ was awesome from the beginning. When I arrived in Las Vegas from Colombia I really didn’t know what to expect, but once the program started everything changed. I got to know the most talented creative people, all of them very friendly and willing to talk about creativity, advertising and everything else. After this experience I am still in touch with them, sharing ideas all over the world. I never thought that I would make friends like them.

The conference with all of the speakers was an experience that really changed the way I see advertising. The speakers taught us about their works, but most importantly, they talked about themselves and how they got to the place where there are now.

Finally, the jury sessions: I still can’t believe I had the great opportunity to watch all those extraordinary creatives in action during Statue Discussions. Everything they said during those days was the best class/schooling equivalent of college - Masters or PH.D that a young creative can have.

I want to thank all the LIA staff for this amazing opportunity and hospitality and the people of Young & Rubicam for believing in me. 

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