2016 Creative LIAisons


Andrew Russell

Junior Creative
Naked Communications

I learned a lot from my trip to the 2016 Creative LIAisons. I learned never to book a flight with a 45 minute layover unless you’re prepared for a challenge. I learned that Las Vegas has well and truly earned it’s 'Sin City’ title, and I learned never to get a pizza from a 7-Eleven, no matter how incredible the price. 

Those reasons aside, I learned just how incredibly lucky I am to be working in the advertising industry. It was somewhere between presenting an idea called ‘Homeless Food Critics' to entrepreneur legends Daymond John and Kevin Harrington, and witnessing Bob Isherwood jam out on stage with a didgeridoo, that I realised the Creative LIAisons programme was going to be something special. 

Not only were we treated to a series of talks by some of the biggest names in the industry, but also given a masterclass in entrepreneurialism and an opportunity to sit in on the Statue Discussions. What more could a young Creative ask for? The stand out for me, however, was a talk given by Chris Smith, Group Creative Director at the Richards Group. His comparison on an improv comedy audience and a client was something that stuck in my head no matter how much alcohol I got through.

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