2018 Attendees

Carla Godoy

Digital Creative Art Director
McCANN Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires
, Argentina


When they told me that I was selected to participate in the LIA Creative LIAisons, I thought it would be a very good experience. But I never imagined that it would be as amazing as it was. It was incredible to meet professionals that I have admired all my professional life and from all over the world, feeling so close to them and so comfortable having the chance to talk to them. 


It was an honor for me to share this with colleagues from all over the world and those who are from different agencies. My experience at Creative LIAisons was the best experience I have had in my career.

We participated in a challenge called # LIAstoriesin6 in which my team won 1st place. But beyond the prize, I am left with a very funny and very interesting experience. I am anxious to return to McCann Buenos Aires and tell my experience and without a doubt it is something I would do a thousand times again. Thank you very much LIA!