2023 Creative LIAisons Onsite Panels & Speakers

Lewis Tutssel

Former Head of EMEA Gaming,
Creative Shop

Topic: ‘Tutssel and Tutssel - Creativity: Then and Now’
With a combined experience of over 50 years Mark and Lewis Tutssel have both worked within the advertising industry at different moments in time. 

50 years is a long time. So what has changed? What has stayed the same? How is technology impacting the business? What is the role of the idea?

Join us to hear the viewpoint of two different generations on the role of creativity within advertising and communication.
About Lewis:
History has led us to build a model of marketing that treats creativity and business as mutually exclusive. Over the past decade Lewis has sought to prove this a false economy, leveraging both a creative and strategic skill-set to drive business impact and growth.

On the creative side Lewis has partnered with a diverse and dynamic set of clients. From big global brands and creative agencies delivering award winning campaigns for the Super Bowl, to technically savvy performance marketers looking to drive lower funnel impact and reinvent the creative process through data. Lewis has judged, won awards, and spoken at many creative institutions, such as Cannes Lions, The One Show, SXSW, The Andys, The London International Awards, Club De Creativos and more.

On the strategic side Lewis has an MSc in Behavioural Economics and has been responsible for the inception, development and growth of multiple new areas of business, such as Meta's Gaming and Small Business creative teams. Additionally Lewis has experience in the development of revenue driving creative solutions and products, with work published in Forbes, The Guardian, Venture Beat and more.

The relationship between Gaming and creativity has been a continued area of interest for Lewis. He is a strong believer in the ‘Culture of Play’, the idea that Gaming is not an industry, but a deep-routed human behaviour that any brand can tap into to develop world-class ideas. Additionally he has been a driver and voice for greater diversity and representation within the Gaming and creative industry.