2023 Creative LIAisons Onsite Panels & Speakers

Dissara Udomdej

CEO / Creative Founder
Yell Advertising

Topic: AI-Deate: Transforming Advertising with AI Assistance!
Discover the future of advertising innovation at our conference! Yell Advertising, a leading Thai agency, introduces AI-DEATE—a generative AI platform set to revolutionize the industry. Streamline creative processes, boost efficiency, and say goodbye to work overload. Witness the game-changing Text-to-Motion Storyboard capabilities—a one-stop-shop from ideation to captivating video production. Join us and embrace the possibilities AI-DEATE brings to advertising.
About Ohm Dissara: 
The Thai creative guy with a smile and almost 20 years of experience. Ohm Dissara made numerous contributions to the advertising industry. He served as a judge, speaker, and mentor both locally and internationally. He founded the First Thai Agency's network in ASEAN under the name Yell International, which is based in Singapore and works on a regional scale in Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta also. He is behind an advertising technology platform called AI-DEATE to help people in Ad industry get more rest and have more time to think and sleep! (This is particularly so in hustle culture)

From AI-Deate: Transforming Advertising with AI Assistance Talk:
•    The true evil is stagnation, not AI.

•    AI won’t replace everyone. In fact, it has the power to give us more life.

•    I've known friends in advertising who died due to overwork. I envisioned using AI to grant creative individuals more time to enjoy life.