2017 Judging comments

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Adrian Bosich

Adrian Bosich - Health & Pharma Craft

It was very interesting to judge Film Craft for Health and Wellness - a genius idea led by Jeremy Perrott. By rewarding the execution of ideas, it sends a message to these clients that craft is super important to communicating their brand’s message. When Sick Kids was played, there was a palpable moment across the jury - our Grand LIA had presented itself in a raw outburst of glory. It’s a piece that utterly commands your attention; a unique combination of unapologetic yet emotional. Everything in this piece is best of class - the casting, cinematography, graphics, music, production design, screen direction, editing. This is all underpinned by a director’s unique vision - Mark Zibert, congratulations on a fantastic execution of Cossette’s wonderful concept.  

Bobby C. Martin Jr. - Jury President - Design • Package Design • Verbal Identity

Great design can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck. That’s exactly what happens when you see Morton Salt with OKGO's Walk Her Walk video for the first time. It’s a brilliant idea that blasts a 169 year old company into the future in a meticulously planned and flawlessly executed 4.2 seconds.  You can watch Volvo’s The GetAway Car film over and over and over. Each time it provokes in a completely different way. The brand – in the process of reinventing itself – taps into the very essence of what drives us to be better and in that moment it reminds us never forget the things we love.   
Bobby C. Martin Jr.
Oliver Caporn

Oliver Caporn - Health & Wellness

Just wanted to say thank the LIA team and especially Barbara for inviting me to take part in what was a genuinely world class event.   The organisation, the team atmosphere and the quality of inspirational work was a pleasure to be a part of. LIA is one of a select group of awards shows where great work is only just good enough. You are required as a judge to apply a watchmaker’s eye to every aspect and only to select the original and the sublime. Because when the standard is Olympic level, it means so much more to win one  

Paul Chan - Print • Poster • Billboard • Ambient

Judging LIA is special. Having already judged at Cannes, D&AD, One Show and Clio, I was incredibly proud to have been invited to LIA this year. So thank you Barbara, Patricia and Wayne. I was in great company with a wonderfully smart jury—led by our rock-star Jury President, David Guerrero, who skilfully guided us through three days of intense judging. Thankfully, there was some great work across the four categories we judged: Print, Poster, Billboard and Ambient. And while we were challenged when it came to selecting a Grand LIA in Print, there was plenty to make us feel inspired, sick with envy and just insane with jealousy—with extra kudos going to truly insightful ideas that came out of leftfield. As expected, the best work all passed the tried-and-true test of ‘Damn, I wish I had done that.’ Hands down though, my favourite piece this year was Fearless Girl—the little bronze statue on Wall Street. Created for a financial firm to highlight gender diversity, the clever placement in front of the Charging Bull gave New York its biggest public art controversy in years. It’s provocative, progressive and perfectly in-tune with culture. It was a massive catalyst for conversation around the world, and its impact is still being felt. So kudos to the team. Like I said: ‘Damn, I wish I had done that.’
Paul Chan
Paul Collins

Paul Collins - Digital

It was an amazing experience judging the body that best represents 2017. Our conversations, debates and disagreements where invaluable. I’m especially proud of the Grand LIA; it took a lot of deliberation to push this work through. For me it symbolises that great ideas can manifest themselves as services, going beyond an advertising idea supported by paid media. We should as an industry be thinking about these kinds of ideas – that can become the advertising, and the work for Rimowa did just that.

Tom Eymundson - Radio & Audio

We Radio minds are a very particular type.  We see with our ears.  This means we all see the same things, differently.  So, for our Radio Jury to award an entry, the work had to be so good, that we all liked what we saw… differently. If you are the lucky recipient of a 2017 LIA Radio Statue, pat yourself on the back - you tapped the minds of the most critical Radio ears in the business. 
Tom Eymundson
Jay Gelardi

Jay Gelardi - Digital

My LIA judging experience was an absolute pleasure. The other jurors on the Digital panel added some great international perspective, which catalyzed a lively debate.    Although consensus was generally reached without any major contention, the Grand LIA, quite rightly, wasn't decided upon so easily, with two impassioned factions fervidly pleading their respective cases.    In the end I believe we made the right decision in awarding Rimowa's Electronic Bag Tag case for a genuinely game changing utility. The Digital jury needs to reward this kind of thinking, and I proud of how we ultimately came to that conclusion.   

Laura Gregory - Health & Pharma Craft

It was a blast of relief when we watched SickKids  ‘Anthem’ for the Toronto based Hospital for Sick Children.  No embarrassing tear jerking moments, no apologies.. just raw, bleeding, defiant, fighting kids. As a seasoned team who’ve seen everything, it’s rare to be moved by the power of perfect visual, sound, cast, production design, animation all resulting into a legal high.  It was a Grand Prix from the first viewing. We must take our hat’s off to the client for buying such a brave idea, the creative team Carlos Moreno, Pater Ignazi, Craign McIntosh and Jaimes Zentil and Producer Dena Thompson at Cossette for the idea, director Mark Zibert for choosing his team.. and not to be forgotten the CAST, the 50 children and their families and over 100 hospital staff that made the film great.  The Cinematography was epic, Jackson Parrell’s portraits of the kids had moments of a framed masterpiece and all the other choices, track, the animation team, the use of locations, props, makeup, came together as one epic, inspiring, exhilarating, battle cry of OUTSTANDING. 
Laura Gregory
David Guerrero

David Guerrero - Jury President - Print • Poster • Billboard • Ambient

We had a very high caliber jury. Highly knowledgable. Passionate. And not shy of sharing their opinions! So we took our task seriously. But not ourselves. The selection of work is of course based on our honest appraisal of what was in front of us in the show. And some interesting conclusions emerged. First of all, for a single still image to succeed in an age of multiple screens it needs to to be simple, memorable and iconic. This is the case in the Poster Grand LIA for Der Tagesspiegel whose unforgettable "Newspaper Stack - Trump” summed up the issue in one glance. For the Billboard Grand LIA we chose a piece that involved the destruction of Billboards. In the Coca-Cola "Billboard Houses” case, this apparent paradox was possible because the client decided to suspend advertising in the aftermath of a natural disaster - nothing new in itself. However the decision to re-use the billboards themselves to create shelter houses made it unique and ideally suited for the top prize. And finally the Ambient Grand LIA - a choice that could almost have been made ahead of the jury getting together - quite simply stood tall amidst the noise and clutter. As has been noted before, sometimes all it takes to cut through in our multi-channel, digitally-obsessed universe is a four-foot high bronze statue - using techniques as old as our industry, perhaps older, and yet make the most contemporary impact. Overall a pleasure to judge with this outstanding group and the experience and support from the LIA team was exemplary. Thank you.

Susan Hosking - Print • Poster • Billboard • Ambient

It was an honour to be involved in LIA 2017, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Judging was a lot of fun – with some great work to look at, and a very talented bunch of jurors to sit in a room with for a few days debating it all. There was some great work in there – with the best reminding us that by thinking big, we can create pieces that have true cultural impact that transcends the reach of traditional advertising. The LIAs are an important award, with work judged from a truly international perspective – which emphasizes the wide-reaching power of a good idea. The jurors were pretty unanimous with the work that rose to the top, and we all left feeling like the best work won. Thank you for inviting me to be part of this great and important event.
Susan Hosking
Peter Ignazi

Peter Ignazi - Radio & Audio

Judging the LIAs was one of the most rewarding professional experiences I've had. Extremely high calibre of work to judge and an even higher calibre of talented people to judge them with. Barbara and Patricia run an outstanding show I am always proud to be a part of.

Johan Jäger - The NEW and Social Influencers

It's an honor to be selected to judge in this prestigious competition. There is so much good work and talent represented from all over the world and it was hard to select the winners. The tragic shootings at the Mandalay have, of course, affected us and together with all the inspiration from the show there is both greatness and sadness that I will bring with me back to Stockholm.
Johan Jäger
Adam Jenkins

Adam Jenkins - The NEW and Social Influencers

Judging LIA was a pleasure and a privilege. The innovation within The 'NEW' category gave an encouraging and exciting look at the industry.  This category will continue to grow and strengthen as our industry heads into more inventive forms of advertising.

Rafael Jiménez - The NEW and Social Influencers

Judging LIA The NEW was the best judging experience I’ve had so far. Very well organized. The jurors contributed diverse and thoughtful points of view, the discussions were very interesting and for me, eye-opening more than once. I believe the work that was awarded represents accurately the vision that was laid out by the organizers and by Amber, and I’m looking forward to the next years’ entries to see how this exciting category evolves.
Rafael Jiménez
Valerie Madon

Valerie Madon - The NEW and Social Influencers

The quality of work in 'The NEW' is always a sign of how high the standard of creativity is today. The small jury with very specialized and diverse experiences really scrutinized every piece of work from idea to execution to qualify if it's really fitting of this category. The winners here set the bar in terms of how brands should marry idea and technology, such as AI, AR and VR, to bring fresh and surprising experiences to people. It was a great experience for me to hear the varying perspective from every single member of the jury and also a priceless reminder to push ourselves every year because the world is moving on. If we don't progress, we'll be left behind.

Florian Marquardt - Print • Poster • Billboard • Ambient

First of all, I’d like to thank Barbara, Patricia and Wayne for inviting me to judge this year. LIA has been a truly exceptional experience for me. A very intimate and small group of judges from around the globe. All of them incredibly talented and with unique points of views which, sometimes, made for heated (but constructive) discussions. David did an amazing job wrangling us all. Overall, the standard of work was amongst the highest I’ve seen across the juries I’ve been sitting on this past year. And Vegas is arguably the coolest and most unique location for an award show possible. I’ve learned a lot, made a bunch of new friends and would come back to judge any time.  
Florian Marquardt
Martin Martinez

Martin Martinez - Pharmaceuticals

Judging the LIAs was an absolute honor. The extremely high caliber of work judged speaks tons of the progress the pharma industry is doing creatively. Passionate discussions with strong opinions where enriching and inspiring.   Congratulations to the LIA team for allowing such a first-class creative and collaborative space to exist.  Looking forward to the evolution of the newly introduced pharma category.   It is with great pride that I can say that choosing the winners was no easy task.

Stephan Moritz - Radio & Audio

Being a member of the LIA radio jury was my highlight this year. A big thanks to Barbara, Patricia and Wayne for inviting me.   The Radio jury was a tough one, such great minds with strong opinions and great points of view.    I was honored to be there with some of the most successful radio producers, some fantastic creatives and casting directors. I learned a lot and it felt partially like being in a workshop. The discussions were on a very professional level - strong, honest, always thoughtful and with the right amount of humor and easy going.  It wasn’t often that we all had the same opinion but if …. it ended up with a shiny golden LIA Award.   I would always come back since I found a new radio maniacs family there.
Stephan Moritz
Brett O'Connor

Brett O'Connor - Pharmaceuticals

I'd just like to congratulate the LIA team again how well the whole event was organised. From start to finish it truly was first class. I've pretty much judged most of the notable award shows by now and it was by far my favourite judging experience to date. I'm really proud of the work that our jury shortlisted and I look forward to hearing the response from the industry when the winners are announced. On another note I'd also like to praise Jeremy's leadership during the whole process. He's a great leader, full of passion and enthusiasm. You couldn't ask for more.

Jeremy Perrott - Jury President - Pharmaceuticals

Having the privilege to Chair the inaugural LIA Health Awards was indeed a highlight of 2017 for me. Barbara Levy set out with a vision to promote creativity support and encourage our future stars [Creative LIAisons]. They were witness to everything judges go through, in what was described as true master classes, and in all this great work rose and brilliant work awarded. Debate, select, review, debate and discuss is what every panel was encouraged to exercise ensuring every piece selected for award worthy consideration had a true and fair chance to perform. I can say that the time invested on three panels including the new Craft jury really paid off because the work that won earned its place as hard working and worthy examples of its industry's best most innovative and executed material. I think looking at the body of work all would agree it provokes conversation and will lift the creative bar. Isn't that what great work should do?
Jeremy Perrott
Jeremy Perrott

Jeremy Perrott - Jury President - Health & Wellness

Las Vegas. No need to remind anyone of the horrid event that went down as the biggest massacre in modern day American history. By the end of that week it all seemed an age away.  Such are the times we live in while tornadoes,hurricanes, war,politics and madness can all get a slot that lasts a moment in our lives until the next event unfolds.   The LIA were residents for a week at the Encore Hotel and juries from all over the globe gathered to judge the best of creativity in the worlds advertising industry.   First time to this festival were the Health and Pharma industry with categories dedicated to their own specific needs who were represented by three juries including a first,the Craft jury.   As President of this new competition it was my great pleasure to moderate 17 world class professionals who were driven by the desire for excllence, motivated by the goal to find work that set new, higher standards,inspired by the ideal that what won, was the beginning of building a better more innovative industry for tomorrow knowing that what was chosen today will push us all to even greater achievements. Both as agencies, as creatives but also as clients.   Two Grand LIAs were awarded, one each to the Pharma and Health categories. This work survived a rigorous decision and voting process with the two juries working independently of each other  over three days each. At every stage discussion and debate took place until the golds awarded showed who was winner. At that stage a final vote was taken irrespective of the gold tally on the board to give judges a final and absolute vote as a secret ballot. Ensuring that at even the last moment real heart felt support for work was given a chance. And in both cases the result was clear. But it also showed the strength of what came second and in each case a close second.   Immunity Charm being the clear winner for so many reasons and yet for all its accolades the simplicity and emotional connection of a brilliant innovative idea using a cultural insight connected so many and saved the lives of even more. It worked brilliantly crossing over from health and its societal impact to Pharma where it embraced doctors, connected patience and medicine with device and innovation.   Such was the unique and brilliant use of something so basic, so low tech yet so powerful it transcended barriers and language, it overcame fear of unknown and brought communities together by its deep seeded tradition and allowed the medical and health worlds to do their jobs. Save lives.   From the Craft jury, work that resonated  was work that demonstrated investment into the art of crafting creativity. Be it copy, radio, photography, illustration, film, direction, editing, music or design.   As President I urged the members to be hard on the work, be tough on selecting. Above all be diligent in the search. We need to get back to basics in our industry as a whole but in particular the Health and Pharma industry where is clients need to see what the difference between great and brilliant looks and feels like. And why it's important to go that extra mile to perfect the creative and its production.   The Grand LIA that took this category, swept through the week long judging of all work and in each category it was entered. It stood heads above as an excellent piece that represented consistency of execution, highest standards and outstanding production values that lifted every element in this multi film campaign. The Craft Grand Prix went to: Sick Kids Foundation for Sick Kids versus Undeniable.   Once the industry sees the full body of work that won I'm sure a sense of real understanding to what innovative creative thinking looks like. And from that work I believe many will be moved and inspired.   And isn't that what we want great work to do?  

Jinn Powprapai - Branded Entertainment

It was such an honour to be invited to be part of Branded Entertainment Jury. I thoroughly enjoyed watching, discussing and listening to creative people from around the world. Each of us shared knowledge that we could not find from anywhere. I personally picked up lots of knowledge from other jurors. Coming from a smaller and emerging market, it was an eye-opener to see works from different culture and continent. LIA is a world-class award so is all the work. Every detail went perfectly and smoothly. My hats off to the team who coordinated LIA judging, without any interruption during the shooting incident. Las Vegas is also a perfect venue for creative people.  Thank you for letting me be part of the juries. I would do it all over again.
Jinn Powprapai
Michael Ritchie

Michael Ritchie - Jury President - Production & Post-Production and Music Video

"Have to say, that the craft displayed in this show was consistently high, which so good to see in the current climate.   It can be hard work getting through to select a shortlist but not this time. We did award one Grand LIA and that was to a music video for Jay Z.  It was a unanimous vote.   Its a song called The Story of OJ.  An amazing  song with a strong message, however,  the video generates so much more subtext.  The animation is stunning,  the lead character, just so melancholic and worn down, the style harking back from racially suspect imagery from early last century.  Its a powerful, memorable piece of work.”

Masaya Shimizu - Health & Wellness

It was truly a great experience to join the Health & Wellness Jury, and also to discuss the future of our industry role in the field, thanks to Ms. Levy, all the staff who made it possible, and of course speakers /young creatives joining the event. I believe creative industry role in the growing Healthcare/Wellness field is yet to be concretely discovered, though its presence is undoubtfully needed. Having chance to talk with experts from different parts of the world made me realize we are just starting to show/prove its value. Interesting fact was, through variety of work we looked thorough, true creative idea did shine. And some were from non-traditional-advertising context. For business / service / product to succeed today, "the idea needs" is quite clear, so it eventually will be done by someone. We will have to prove that our industry is worthy for that. And I felt this event, has true value to horn what we are good for, and keep our challenge in the field moving ahead.
Masaya Shimizu
Brian Yessian

Brian Yessian - Music & Sound

LIAs are always one of my favorite shows to judge and I was very happy to be asked back in 2017.  The fact that we are all in a room together (as opposed to doing this online) really breeds more creative discussion and debate.  We had a great crew this year with very meaningful discussion.  I felt like I was able to learn from everyone in the room.   My favorite work hands down this year was the the sound design and sound editing on Pennzoil.   The way the sound was crafted combined with an attention to detail was superb.  From the very moment I heard both of those pieces, I was floored.  Kudos to the teams on the films for taking the time and care to craft a true piece of art.