2022 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Alasdhair Macgregor Hastie

Vice President and Executive Creative Director International
, France

Apart from being an award winning creative and executive creative director, Paris-based, Alasdhair is probably one of the most international of people in advertising. Of Scottish and Italian parentage he has worked in 4 continents. From soft drinks in the USA, to cars in India, to chocolate in Europe and detergent in the UK, Alasdhair’s experience is as multicultural as it gets. He spends his time between Rome, Paris, Manchester and Amsterdam, depending on which part of the family he is visiting.


I had an hour Video Chat each with:
Yashasvi Agrawal
Joao Gouveia
and Fabian Draxl
All three mentees were excellent, bright, brilliant spoken English, very friendly & grateful for the mentor session.
As a follow up, I offered all three a second individual session later in August, and I asked them to set them up and schedule. All three said that they wanted to do this follow up session.
I enjoyed them all immensely.