2023 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Frederico Roberto

Executive Creative Director
, United Arab Emirates

There isn’t a single day that passes by that Frederico isn’t touched by the creative spirit of artists, photographers, writers, painters, musicians, etc. And he tries his very best to add up to this "global soul of inspiration" as he calls it, by bringing his own ideas to life. A quest that began almost 20 years ago, working for commercial and social causes, advertising for the different global markets including EMEA, LATAM and APAC. Samsung, HP, Fox International Channels, Nestlé, Bentley Motors, Xbox, Colgate, Virgin Active, Bentley Motors, DIAGEO and BP are some of the clients he has worked for, as well as Amnesty International, RSPCC and the Spitalfields Crypt Trust. Until recently he was the Global Creative Director at the U-Studios, OLIVER Agency inhouse agency at Unilever, working for all of its 300+ global brands. He’s now the Executive Creative Director at Interweave Agency in London & Athens. Frederico has won more than 50 international awards including Cannes Lions, the South American El Ojo, the Lovie Awards and the UK’s DADIs and BIMAs Awards.