2024 Creative LIAisons Coaches

Firrdaus Yusoff

Head of Creative
Forsman & Bodenfors
, Singapore

Firrdaus likes ideas. So agencies in Dubai, London, and Singapore have paid his bills in exchange for thinking of ideas for them. 
Some ideas were featured on CNN, Forbes, and Bloomberg. Some were exhibited in museums in New York and Paris. Some even got talked about by people with really big paychecks. Like the Prime Minister of Singapore. One idea even brought home the nation’s first-ever FWA Project of the Year.
It all led to some people at CampaignBrief Asia to rank him as the no. 1 Creative Director in Singapore in 2023. In fact, the same people also ranked Forsman & Bodenfors Singapore as the top agency in the country. All those achievements have culminated in the ultimate accolade; the invitation to write about himself in the third person.


“People often underestimate the impact the right mentor can have on a young creative. As a former LIA mentee, my message to all creative leaders out there is this: I urge you to make time. Give back. Even if it’s just for an hour. Because your words could potentially light up and stir something special in the next generation of creative superstars.”