2016 music video and production & post-production Jury

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Diane Jackson
Chief Production Officer
DDB Chicago

Every day Diane Jackson transcends barriers and expectations, not only by what she does for DDB as their Chief Production Officer, but by who she is. Colleagues and clients alike recognize Diane’s rare combination of tenacity, strategic vision and creativity; she defies the conventional constructs of the production discipline. As a producer and charismatic leader she is inventive and insightful, adventurous in scope but thoughtful about all the small details.

What sets Diane apart is her ability to make the “impossible” happen. As an example, she was tasked last minute with a production for The Clinton Foundation that would take place in three countries, included segments with numerous celebrities including Barbara Streisand, Jay Z, Tony Blair and Clinton himself. 

Not only has she been critical to sustaining DDB Chicago’s growth and profile in the industry, but Diane has also been formative in strategizing for the entire network. Her influence will continue to permeate the company both locally and globally on brands such as McDonalds, State Farm, Mars Wrigley and FCA Jeep.

Diane has served three times on the AICP Curatorial Panel at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and is the recipient of the Institute Practitioner in Advertising (London) – Distinction in Advertising award; she also received the Fasules, Sharpe, Yovetich Leadership Award in 2010, the first producer ever to receive that honor. Diane was the keynote speaker at The Women in Film forum in 2010. In 2012 Diane was selected as a judge at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival and in 2014 she spoke on the Instagram panel in Cannes.

Diane is very proud to serve as a Board Member of the VCU Brandcenter.

Adrian Bosich
Managing Partner / Director
Francois Brun
CEO & Co-founder
Quad Group
Anna Fawcett
Executive Producer
Oliver Fuselier
Managing Partner Live Action
Tool of North America
Los Angeles
John Spary
Managing Director
John Spary Associates
Stephen Venning
Executive Director - Mill+
The Mill
Jacqui Wilkinson
Executive Producer / Head of Sales and Strategy
New York